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10 things to expect on your first day of BJJ? (and what you will need to begin)

So you thinking of starting your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey? Perhaps you just want to try it out or you may be looking for the right school to fit the vibe that matches your personality? In this simple article ill share with you what to expect and what you will need! Make sure when you locate a school to call and let them know you are coming. This is important because some schools have classes specifically for beginners. As well, you may need to make an appointment.

BJJ Report 1st Class
10 Things To Expect In Your First BJJ Class

10 things to expect on your first day of BJJ? (and what you will need to begin) 1. The BJJ class will likely start with warming up and drills. Don’t be intimidated by this—warm ups and drills are essential to a successful BJJ class and help you learn the basics of the sport. 2. Your instructor will go over some basic techniques during the warmup so that your first day of BJJ isn't overwhelming. This is normal, so don't worry if it feels like you're going too slow! 3. There may be an emphasis on safety in the classroom when learning new techniques, so make sure to pay attention and follow instructions! 4. Expect to use a partner for drilling - your teacher might demonstrate the technique on one person, then have everyone else drill with a partner. This is a great way to practice in BJJ! 5. Your instructor might put you in live sparring or "rolling," which is normal for the first day of BJJ. Don't worry — it's only to get familiar with the feel and movement of BJJ, so just have fun and don't worry about winning or losing. You have to start somewhere. 6. Depending on the school and instructor, you may be asked to wear a rash guard or other appropriate attire. Make sure to check before your first class to avoid any surprises! 7. Don’t rush into anything you’re not comfortable doing - take your time when learning new positions and techniques, as everyone learns at their own pace. 8. Be prepared to ask questions throughout the class - your instructor will likely be open to answering any questions you have about BJJ. 9. There may be some light stretching at the end of class - make sure you take the time to stretch, as it is essential for a successful BJJ session! 10. Have fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Everyone has different learning styles, so if something doesn't click right away don't worry as it will eventually with practice. Enjoy your first day of BJJ! 5 things you will need to start your first BJJ class? 1. An appointment to allow the instructor to know how to acclimate you into class. 2. A rash guard or other appropriate attire such as a GI (check with the school beforehand) 3. Be Well groomed - Showered, Fingernails and Toenails Clipped for safety. 4. Water to keep hydrated (perhaps eat something light an hour before class) 5. An open mind and willingness to learn! Jiu Jitsu is considered by many a lifestyle choice and is amazing for physical as well as mental fitness! The culture is vastly growing and the people (for the most part) respect and care for one another. Remember that everyone’s journey is different! Train safe and Train Often!

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