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A-Game A-Holes (lower belt bullying)

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

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Hi fellow white belts... Here is a thought!

If Jiu-Jitsu were a food chain, (and it is) the base would be made of the carcasses of bottom fed white belts like myself and so many others, and the apex predators would be the Black Belts in all their glory with colored belts forming the tiers in between. Much like predators in the animal kingdom, the colored belts each have their own death-dealing specialties. Some are stranglers, some are foot hunters, and some even favor wrist locks. In this vast ecosystem, all these predators will point their weapons at the most vulnerable targets, white belts (or wrongly promoted blue belts - we all know who they are) LOL

As a white belt, I can confidently say myself and many others in academies across the world are the targets of colored belt predators. Sure we may not have the skills in order to keep ourselves safe, but I can say for certain the colored belts are nothing but pussies for bringing their best weapons against us. That’s right, I don’t care if you’re a black belt with multiple published instructional's on your unique Back Take/Kimura/Guillotine/Toe Hold trap.

You colored belts will hang onto your A-Games much like children holding onto their security blankets. Who cares if you tap 100 white belts with your special, 5-dimensional Kimura Wrist Lock Back Take trap system (CLICK HERE TO BUY MY DVD! Just Kidding) . The fact that you spent decades building it is admirable; however, are you that insecure in your collar chokes that you need to use the “A-Game”? Does a human need a gun to kill an ant? Would you crank an armbar to let the white belt know you could win in a street fight? FUCK NO! It's called catch and release (white belts are fish in a barrel anyway)!

At the end of the day getting a few taps in the training room doesn't mean shit. Still, colored belts, you have to ask yourselves, ‘What makes a true apex predator? An animal that can only prey on the weak? Or something more evolved that can make a lion look like a rabbit?’ After all, if the white belts stay rabbits, your school will only produce rabbit hunters not lion killers.

#whitebeltlivesmatter #catchandrelease #ratherbefishing

Yours Truly,

A-Nonymous White Belt

(get it, the name of the article is A-Game A-Holes?)

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