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The McDojo Revolution.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

martial artist doing a traditional karate form
What is a Mc Dojo?

If you're reading this page, I'm guessing that either I or some article that I've read has inspired you to find out more about mcdojo fake martial arts (I'll break down the different types of mcdojo styles in a minute). First I want to say that this is not an attack on any martial art. This is simply educational and a peek behind the proverbial curtain based on some experience and research that happened to be in my recent orbit.

MCDOJO DEFINITION: A McDojo is a school that teaches an unrealistic form of martial arts to make money from the unsuspecting and untrained. ... Often McDojo's teach a lot of bullshido, which is a term based on a parody of the philosophy of bushido (the 'way of the warrior' and is used to define deception, fraud, and lies in terms of martial arts).

So, You may have recently started to train in a martial art and/or wanted to discover the world of martial arts before investing your time and money in your training. Or maybe you're already involved in a mcdojo style, and want to know what's wrong with it! Well, I've been there myself....Ok maybe not.

Warning! This page contains very frank opinions about mcdojo styles. If you are involved in a mcdojo style or are thinking of starting to train in one, you may not want to read this article! Read at your own discretion. For those who train in legitimate martial arts remember to tap! OSS.

Hours on end have been spent by unnamed parties surfing the net for mcdojo sites, and the results are pretty depressing. There are hundreds of mcdojo styles out there; they all promise to turn you into invincible fighting machines in under no time at all (albeit with varying degrees of subtlety). But after hours of research, I've found that nearly all mcdojo systems can be divided into six main styles:

1) mcdojo karate (or other traditional martial arts styles decimated and turned into mcdojo forms)

2) mcdojo kickboxing

3) mcdojo 'complete' styles (basically a mcdojo form of any martial art - usually boxing, wrestling or mma). There's also the mcdojo version of mixed martial arts, otherwise known as mcdojo 'ultimate fighting' styles.

4) mcdojo traditional martial art styles with a mcdojo twist (basically any mcdojo style that has been modified to have some kind of unique selling point, such as mcdojo ninjutsu or mcdojo kung fu).

5) mcdojo hybrid styles (usually mcdojo versions of popular sports, such as mcdojo baseball karate, mcdojo basketball boxing or mcdojo golf wrestling). I'm sure that you can also include mcdojo fitness workouts in this category too!

6) mcdojo self-defense styles (basically mcdojo forms of common street fighting styles, such as mcdojo bjj or mcdojo muay Thai)

7) (Ok, here is my personal favorite) As well as the six mcdojo styles explained above, there's also mcdojo 'fantasy' systems, which includes any mcdojo style based on fantasy stuff like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and so on. These mcdojo styles include mcdojo lightsaber kenpo, mcdojo Jedi style etc.

Mc Dojo Light Saber Self Defense
Mc Dojo Light Saber Self Defense

All mcdojo styles are basically considered fake martial arts, because they promise far more than they can ever deliver - even if you train for hours every single day!

The most important concept that any mcdojo is based upon is the mcdojo oath, which goes something like this...

'I swear by the eternal light in me, not to use my powers for evil. I will train day and night to hone my skills until I am sure that these skills are being used with honor".

Now, mcdojo students are usually told that this mcdojo oath proves that mcdojo styles are both 'real' and 'unique'. But in reality, the mcdojo oath is nothing more than a propaganda tool used to convince people to join mcdojo's.

The reason why mcdojo styles are fake martial arts. Again they do not work and can fool those that participate into a false sense of security.

There is a site we enjoy looking at that has a lot of McDojo Related Stuff! They gave us inspiration for this article.

Just my McThoughts for the week....

AnonymOSS McWhite Belt...

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