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12 reasons (besides guard pulling) you may get kicked out of a BJJ school.

BJJ professor Upset
You can get kicked out of your BJJ school

These are also things you should not do while attending a martial arts school to get kicked out!

1. Showing up to class late or not at all unless your a purple belt. This reflects poorly on you as a student and disrupts the flow of the class unless your a purple belt. Purple belts have a special power to alter time and wipe the history books of all warm ups. OSS.

2. Being disruptive in class. This includes talking back to the instructor, arguing with other students, or engaging in horseplay (or applying wristlocks and/or heel hooks to beginners). This makes it tough to say "keep showing up" when they cant drive or walk due to being injured. Honestly, Since there is only so much time in each class it can rob others of the precious time to learn.

3. Throwing a tantrum or refusing to tap.

4. Reject or Continuously ask for promotions. You should rely on your professor for his/her judgment when your ready to level up. Enjoy training and learning and the growth will happen!

5. Not following the rules of the school. This could include things such as not respecting the instructors or other students, not paying attention in class, or causing trouble outside of class reflecting poorly on your school.

6. Being disrespectful to other students or instructors. This includes swearing, making derogatory comments, guard pulling or engaging in physical altercations.

7. HYGENE! Not taking care of your uniform or equipment. This includes things like not washing your Gi, leaving training gear out in the sun, or tearing your uniform. Make sure you shower, cut your nails and wash your Gi before every class!

8. Not following the academy’s code of conduct. This could be things like coming to class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, stealing from the school or other students, or engaging in illegal activities.

9. Getting injured and not following the proper protocol. This includes things like not listening to the instructor when they tell you to stop training, continuing to train when injured, or not seeking medical attention when needed. This could be both a liability for the academy as well as a poor example of how to train safely.

10. Not supporting your team mates. This could be things like not cheering them on during competitions, talking trash about other academies, or not being a good training partner. Make sure to be professional at all times.

Wrist Lock
Take it easy on newer students!

11. Going too hard on the new guys. This can discourage people from training and create a bad reputation on the schools training methods.

12. Failing to pay tuition or other fees. This is a sign of disrespect to the instructor and the academy and can put a financial strain on the school.

These are just some of the reasons why you could be asked to leave a BJJ school. If you are having trouble following the rules or fitting in at your current academy, it may be time to look for a new one. There are many great schools out there that will welcome you with open arms. Just remember to mind your manners and train hard!

What are reasons people have gotten kicked out of your BJJ school? Let me know and I may post your answers.

Train safe and train often!

Matthew Tropp | BJJ Report

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