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WARNING! DO NOT ask for a belt promotion!

Some say its taboo to ask when you will get promoted. It is like the old ninja clan rule. If you question your clan leader your lack of dedication to the clan is considered insubordination and punishable by death. Is it ever okay to be able to ask how close you are to leveling up and what you need to do to get promoted? Shouldn't your professor be able to assess and communicate where you stand as far as rank and being promoted? Should there be a system? Why aren't

we testing for our knowledge base like other martial arts? I have my personal opinion about that but lets move on...

REAL QUICK: We all know how places that have systems are known to prevent people from evolving naturally and are said to be a cash grab. Why drill and not free train (spar)? Why wait until blue belt to spar? Why pay extra fees to get promoted? All questions I am not able to answer yet....

So here is the scenario...your a 3 or 4 stripe blue belt, you have been training 4 years and you are tapping blue belts and some purple belts. You train 3 times a week and hit the gym 3 times a week. You have about 10 GI`s and wear the academy patch on most of them (except the one or two from the previous academy you no longer train at for whatever reason). You notice the professor has been watching lately when he isn't giving attention to the new white belts who need his attention most. You always pay attention during class and for the most part learn what is being taught regardless of the method of teaching. You are a 4 stripe blue belt for a reason right?

Its promotions day and you do not get the purple belt. There are even people you feel your better than that got promoted and you are still a measly blue belt. You try and not look disappointed and say things to people like "everyone's journey is different" or "i wasn't ready for the pressure that getting a new belt comes with" LMAO!!! You know damn well your pissed off? You know damn well people are saying things to you like "I am shocked you diddnt get the new belt" You miss the next 2 classes and even stop saying OSS.

You than get up the courage to ask the professor when your going to get your purple belt? He laughs at you and says "your not supposed to ask when you get promoted" or " Trust your professor, he knows when its time" or my personal favorite "lets do a few more privates and I will have a better idea".

A side note: the other day I made inquiry with a purple belt who I respect. I asked him "how can you tell if someone is a purple belt" The response was "you can feel if they are purple or not" he also went on about transitions, timing, defense and calmness. Being able to flow is also a key factor. (for blue belts looking to level up)

The real question is how do we know when its time to level up? Still NO ANSWERS??

Here are the questions blue belts can ask themselves... How am I getting the taps I get with the people I tap? Are we flow rolling when I get the tap (LOL)? Do I know how to flow roll (LMAO)? How are my transitions? How much do I rely on my professor for guidance? Am I able to clearly help others achieve techniques or is the professor helping me? How often to I train and how much better am I than I was 6 month ago? Do I move different? Am I more comfortable in defensive situations? Can I escape submissions? How do I compare with respect to other purple belts or blue belts or white belts who y\used to wrestle at a D1 level?

I am still confused. I hear back in the day it was simple...if you tap the blues and start tapping purples your a purple. if you tap white belts and some blues your a blue etc. etc... I guess everyone's journey is different! OSS

Truly confused,

Anonymous White Belt

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Andrew Max Boyce
Andrew Max Boyce
Dec 06, 2021

I've been a 9th kyu in Bujinkan for 30 years pretty much given up on getting promoted. Perhaps I do need to ask.

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