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6 reasons kids should train BJJ.

By: Ann Edwards | Elite Sports

Brazilian jiu-jitsu gets you in good shape and is great for self-defense. It's the aerobic full-body workout that makes your heart stronger helps you deal with depression.

Now the question may arise, at which age kids should start practicing BJJ. A 5 to 7-year-old child can attend a class to get started.

If you plan for your kid learn BJJ or any other discipline, make sure to get them comfy and stretchable clothes first. Elite sports athletic wear is manufactured with high-quality fabric and is durable.

Here are several reason why your kid should train BJJ.


The significance of having the option to protect themselves is the best thing a little youngster can have to improve their confidence. Harassment and Bullies will always be around, however by practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, your child can learn the abilities to defend themselves.


Discipline is also a very important skillset in life. BJJ teaches individuals of any age the significance of discipline and regard.

Kids also become learn leadership.


It has been estimated that 20 percent of high school kids are bullied in the USA alone. Nobody wants their kids to get harassed or bullied in school or college. So for that, we should have our kids kids learn jiu-jitsu for the purpose self-defense. No doubt it's a hard decision for every parent, but they want their kids to be fit and strong both physically and emotionally.

Most mixed martial arts academies focus on striking techniques, punches, kicks, and also on blocking punches. They also learn about several techniques that involve tapping, breaking a fall, and rolling.

So, you can see how important it is for every kid to learn jiu-jitsu in order to defend themselves. As I described above, if your child is planning to attend jujitsu class he/she should be wearing a uniform. Elite sports gym outfits and other accessories are specifically designed for every type of workout.


Both physical and mental advantages of learning Jiu-Jitsu are obvious, also your child gets the opportunity to make new friends. By training with different age groups, it is obvious that a youngster creates fundamental interactive abilities.

Improved body coordination.

The best way to make your child learn about coordination is by making them practice various BJJ moves. Through training, youngsters can foster their bodies and develop coordination.


One of the main things which your child can learn in BJJ class is having a positive mindset. Every child should have interests that bring happiness and positive energy into their lives. So just enroll your child in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy and see their true strength and abilities. Good luck!

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