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Can BJJ Help Improve ADHD In Kids?

father and son about to train BJJ
BJJ may help improve ADHD symptoms in kids

Being a child with ADHD means you have to struggle constantly to complete simple tasks. Even the smallest tasks that you might be able to perform easily will become a very hectic job because you will constantly become distracted. As a parent when you have a kid with ADHD your priorities change because you need to help them in every possible way. Your expectations from your child no longer stay the same and you have to help them reduce distractions. One of the biggest issues that most kids face is that they are unable to focus on tasks. As a result, things that might otherwise take just a few minutes, can take a few hours.

As you step into martial arts, especially BJJ, you will notice that your body and mind go through a complete transformation. Training will not only improve your body coordination but also help in improving your decision-making, strategy, planning, and mental acuity. This is very helpful for kids of growing age facing ADHD. Experts say that with the help of BJJ training, the brain gets a steady supply of blood which improves the healing process, thinking, and other brain functions. Eventually, the child gets to process information faster and improves in the decision-making process as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the ways BJJ training helps in improving focus, reducing distractions, and helping with ADHD symptoms.

How BJJ Training May Improve ADHD Symptoms?

One of the biggest issues that most kids face with ADHD is that their mind and body stay out of coordination. Apart from this, they become restless and they are unable to focus on simple tasks. When these kids go to school, they take longer to complete a task and they also find it hard to sit at the same place and learn something new. On the contrary, BJJ focuses on attention span and prediction because these skills are vital in improving performance on the mat. Here are some of the main ways you will see your child improving performance on the mat and in life.

BJJ Calms the Mind

Most ADHD kids are extremely hyper. They find it not only difficult to concentrate but also find it hard to learn new things. During the learning process where the mind needs to stay calm, kids may end up becoming hyper and frustrated because they are unable to focus. However with BJJ when a child learns to calm his emotions, they may end up using this learned behavior in daily life as well.

Better Control Over The Mind

Mind control means you will be able to come up with the best possible solution in all kinds of situations with minimal or now distraction. With the help of BJJ, kids can channel their energy positively. This will help children have better control over their minds. Another important thing is that with functional exercise, the body and mind develop an alignment that supports muscle memory as well as overall body function.

Improves Mind And Body Coordination

BJJ will eventually help you to better control your body as well as improve the coordination of your mind with your body. In the long run, your child may show improvement with uncontrolled gesturing which is considered an issue faced by kids with ADHD.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that BJJ training will not only help your child improve his cognitive ability, but it will also help to develop a better thinking process. Apart from this, you may see improvement in grades, decision-making, and responsiveness. Where most ADHD kids face issues linked with distraction and attention span, you may see your child getting better at solving things without less distraction. In the age of technology when kids are constantly facing issues related to concentration, you will be able to benefit from BJJ training and see improvement in both mental health as well as physical capabilities.

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