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How can BJJ improve the body of a woman?

By Ann Edwards | Elite Sports

Woman training BJJ Elite Sports
Your body will see improvement if you train BJJ!

And For Worse?

We know that exercise has a grave impact on our health and our body. We all can agree to that and since BJJ is considered a form of intense exercise, you will see the impact on your body no matter what gender you are. However, since the male and female body are different, you will hear people claim that the body of a women deals with exercise differently and its impact is also different compared to the male body. Apart from this, you will see people talk about beauty sacrifices along with various myths linked with hormonal issues etc...

There are no doubts that you will see an impact!

Since this sport is male dominated and some of the most prominent names are more or less

male, you will see people addressing BJJ as a sport good for men. On the contrary, if you look at the technique and the potential of this sport you will see that this combat sport is much more beneficial for women than compared to men. This is mainly because women are much more flexible and smaller in size.

Apart from this, the techniques in BJJ also favor women. Even with all these benefits, most women do not make an intentional choice to start a BJJ career.

With the help of this article, we will dive deeper into the way Brazilian jiu-jitsu impacts the

human body, especially the body of women. We will look at its impact and why it's not

considered a good option for women by certain people.

How You Will See Improvement In Your Body?

As you start to train, you will notice that your body becomes stronger. This means that the

more you work the better and easier it will get overtime.

Moreover, you will be able to perform all technical tasks with ease without getting tired. You will be able to walk faster and continue to work for longer hours because with BJJ training you are helping your body improve it's strength and endurance. As well, the steady blood flow will improve the quality of your skin along with your hair and nails. You will see that your hair may becoming thicker and shinier. Most people

also report that after BJJ training they have noticed an improvement in their decision making

and problem-solving skills.

Beauty Sacrifices That You Might Have To Make

There is no doubt that some women have seen that they either end up losing hair or they get

acne. However, experts say that this is not because of the training but instead, it happens

because most women do not take care of themselves after they train. The idea is to support

your body with a good diet plan. Your food intake should not only be healthy but you are should also be getting enough

time to rest and heal. To start training make sure to remove all your makeup and

then start. Some women report acne-related issues mainly because they don’t remove their makeup or they don’t clean their skin after a workout.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your pre and post-workout routine. There is no doubt your body will see an impact. However,

with a good diet and constant care you can not only improve your performance on the mat, but you will also be able to see improvement in your skin, hair, and overall body. As you train, the blood flow throughout the body improves and this will eventually help you get rid of dry, patchy skin along with brittle and dull hair. Apart from this, your body will become stronger and you will be able to complete physical work much faster and without getting tired.

Ann Edwards - Elite Sports & Born Tough


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